School Teams

In order to implement RTI2-B successfully at an individual school level, a systematic approach is required. This includes four common components. The first component is administrative support to ensure the school is committed to implementation with fidelity. The second component is a strong leadership team led by the school’s RTI2-B team lead to coordinate implementation efforts. The third component is effective communication between the team lead and the external coach to distribute the most current information and best practices. The fourth component is consistent data collection and use of data in problem solving and decision-making.

The administrator leads the work of the teachers, support staff, families, community and students. A strong leader will also provide opportunities for leadership among those in the school, including students, and the development of a RTI2-B team is one such opportunity.

If your school is interested in implementing the RTI2-B framework and would like training and support, please first obtain district support and have them contact Tennessee Behavior Supports Project for more information